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 The Scissor Sisters, return with their new single, “Only The Horses” Produced by Calvin Harris, (Rihanna, “We Found Love”). Before listening to it I was going to dismiss it as saying, “Oh here goes another band jumping on the craze” but then I heard it. They combination of my future baby daddy, Jake Sheers vocals with that fun, crisp, summer feel good vibe of the Calvin Harris beat brought me into Summer.

Get Into It!



Rihanna, "S&M", Single Cover Courtesy of Def Jam Records.



Rihanna has released the video for her third single, “S&M” from her current album, “Loud” and honey the video is Louder than a 400lb girl at Popeye’s wearing flourescent leggings.She is proving to y’all that she is a FREAK! lol. This girl has been TURNT THE HELL OUT. I am just glad that there were no sports of water in this video. She kept it cute.

So lets start with the negative first. Rihanna, honey girl, WHY MUST YOU PUT THAT NASTY BLOGGER IN YOUR VIDEO. I am not even going to give him the acknowledgement because it will go to his head. He will be talking shit about you in a few weeks.

I will say I was a little skeptic about the hair but it works for the video NOT FOR DAILY WEAR lol.

Now let’s get to the positive, I LOVE the fact that you incorporating the upbeat colors and also addressing the press rumors, “Freak”, “Secret cult’ ect. Now GaGa stans back up, I LOVE GaGa but just because someone is being edgy does NOT mean they are copying GaGa. Last time I checked Rihanna came out in 05, GaGa came out in 08. STOP IT!

Now one thing this video was missing was an 8 count. CAN SOMEONE TEACH THIS GIRL AN 8 COUNT PLEASE!

That is all.


Photo courtesy of Def Jam Records

Rihanna is pumping out the hits. “What’s My Name”, marks the singers 8th Billboard Hot 100 Number One hit single. Rihanna is releasing her fifth studio album, “Loud” on Tuesday November 16th. Now let’s get into this second single. I LOVE the midtempo melody.I also love the fact that she has a hook stuck in my head. Oh Na Na whats my name. LOL.

Jimmy I mean Drake is a good piece of eye candy as well. I love the fact that for once it is just a simple streets of New York video. The song didn’t need green screen stunts and shows. Its nothing to really run home and tell that homeboy about but it served its purpose. It was a cute video. That red hair is growing on me. She loos really cute in this video. S&M BETTER be the next single!

Rating 3.8 outof 5

Yes I know I am late so what I have been BUSY haha. So Rihanna finally snapped out of depression and got HAPPY! We must be on the same wavelength. Yes even Rihanna is embracing, “Girl GET UP”! life. “Only Girl”, is the lead single from Rihanna’s forthcoming album, “Loud”.

I must say I am LOVING the direction of music this era. “Rated R”, was a good album but it was SO DEPRESSING. I needed something uplifting and fun. So lets dissect this video first with the cons.

Negatives: That wig….it is taking some getting used to. She better not wear pig tails because then I will either think she is Pippy long stocking, or trying to hustle some combo meals from, “Wendy’s”. I understand the video is only girl in the world but can we get some 8 counts or a story line or something? It seemed like a concert backdrop video of just poses and face shots. Also the video was very reminiscent of Kelis’s, “4th of July” video.

Positives: She looks amazing, the hair is growing on me (NO pigtail’s girl I don’t want a combo meal). The chorus is STELLAR. Her vocals are on point in this song. I could see myself dancing to this at the club alongside the video.

Now I will say this as a LEAD single for the album the video is very sub par. When you are an artist introducing a new era in your career the lead single video is supposed to embody this POW factor that will have people talking. The song was amazing but it was not backed with an amazing video. I hope the second single gets a PROPER video treatment.

Damn Rihanna came back with her HOT new single, “Only Girl In The World”. Ryan Seacrest debuted the song yesterday morning and I am GLAD she FINALLY got OVER the Chris Brown incident. I loved, “Rated R”, but it was SO DEPRESSING lol. I cannot WAIT for Rihanna’s Upcoming album. What do you think about the song?

Rihanna Live at The Superbowl Fan Showdown

Rihanna is hitting the road in the summertime. She is headlining, “The Last Girl On Earth” Tour and she is not going at it alone. She is bringing alon Nikki Minaj as well as wait for it…..From a Meth lab near you Ke$ha.

Girl when they announced that I was like Im sorry Rihanna but I cant. I love Rated R however baby girl, no shade, I dont see myself paying to see that bitch. I cant fathom the thought of my money going into her unshowered hands. I think Nikki is cool, but I dont really listen to her that much to want to go see her live. No shade on Rihanna but I cant. Maybe if I win tickets but if not I pass. Sorry Rih Rih.