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Azealia Banks, being as Rachet as she can be.

I know I am late but thanks to my FAB, friend, and blogger, Stephen Autar I now know of Miss Banks. She just serves me Ballroom vougeing beats. Cunt realness, with a touch of Rachet that I LIVE FOR! Mainstream pop music has been making my bored but baby I got a bowl of my favorite ceral, LIFE.

Banks, who is a Brooklyn native, has been around since 2009. Influenced by, Aaliyah, Tlc, and MIA, Banks, serves up a fresh air of non redundancy. She is also featured on, The Scissor Sister’s single, “Shady Love”.

Here is the video for 212 Ft. Lazy Jay

Get Into Her!



Another Day and Another dollar. Happy Monday y’all. I am about to hit the shower and head on over to work. (I hope the AC is fixed). So I put my I tunes on shuffle and, “Closing Time”, by SemiSonic came on. Its weird because I am always the closer at work ha-ha. Happy Monday guys. I know I want to take me home….

Now you guys know I am a big fan of Whitney Houston but I am going to keep it real. Girl, the years of drug abuse are showing in your vocal cords. Whenever she attempts to sing the songs that made her famous it just doesn’t come across right. I understand that. Do NOT try to sing this song. Let it go.  From what I am gathering from online Nippy isn’t getting received very well overseas. She is getting into her old habits of canceling shows and many are worried that she is back in the habit. I hope and pray she isn’t. If she is I will wipe my hands CLEAN of her. Don’t fuck up a good thing Nippy. I know you can sing just re arrange the songs like you did here

She rearranged it and sounded better than when she tried to sing,’ ” I Will Always Love You”. Her voice is deeper now. When she sings, “Million Dollar Bill” it comes off better like she did on X-Factor here.

I do give her props she sings better than half these non $inging bitche$ out there. ($hade) lol.

Closer to my dreams

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So today was one of those days where I wanted to grab my chest and do my best Mary Jones impression, “I really think that your trying me”. I was so mad at some foolitry and shade that honestly is unnecessary. I see this point in my life as a stepping stone. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Like Goapele sings in, “Closer”. This too shall pass. I only get ONE life. It is NOT a rehearsal.

Time to put on the full out show tomorrow because another day is not promised. I see big things coming, yes indeed. Now it is time to blow out this candle and go to bed. Night

Erykah is back with her new album “New Amerykah part two: Return of the ANKH”. Featuring my new jam, “Window Seat”. I can so relate to the lyrics. Can I get a window seat don’t want nobody next to me. I just want a ticket out of town a look around and a safe touchdown.

Badu has caught so much grief for this video due to the fact that she strips naked in the same spot where former president JFK was assasinated. I understand where they are coming from however look at it in a more artistic view. She is discussing groupthink. Groupthing is the process where people hide what they really feel in fear of being outcasted do they think what everyone else thinks. We have all done it. I have done it.

If you haven’t picked up her album go and get it. It is one of my fav albums of the year so far.