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Jennifer Lopez, rolling in the glittery sand on the "Dance Again" video.

Jenny and Pitbul, are at it again. This time it’s for her new single, “Dance Again” (from her untitled Greatest Hits collection). I will admit I still am not a huge fan of this song. It doesn’t have that POW factor that, “On The Floor” had. It sounds like everything out there. This is the case where a HOT video is needed to carry the song.

Damn she is a mother of two, in her forties. Jenny, you better WORK that body OUT! I will say this however, Girl did you NOT learn from your past. STOP PUTTING YOUR CURRENT LOVER IN YOUR VIDEO! Casper, is sexy but still. That is my only gripe with the song. Does the video make you like the song better?


Toni Braxton serves sexy in her Billy Woodruff directed clip, "I Heart U"


Toni Braxton is BACK with her HOT HOT single, “I Heart You” from her upcoming album, “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes”. I know I have been a bit meh on the dance trend because EVERYONE is doing it. However Miss Toni shines on it because she is not compromising her amazing voice to let the beat carry her. She OWNS the song with her sexy vocals. Plus the male co-star in the video is FINE! Shorty what yo name is? YES GAWD! lol

Britney Spears, "Criminal" single cover courtesy of Jive Records


Britney Spears has just slayed my LIFE! I was not feeling, “Criminal” at first but the video made me fall in love with the song.

Directed by Chris Maars Piliero, (I Wanna Go, Blow) “Criminal” was shot on the streets of, London early September. Britney, caused controversy for being filmed on the streets with a gun after the recent London riots. In my opinion I think they were being a tad bit sensitive. The weapon weilding was worth it. The story line of a good girl falling in love with a bad boy, (Her real life Beau, Jason Twarwick) and going on a criminal spree suits the song well.

Can we discuss how sexy they look together. Britney, I am going to steal your man. HE IS FINE! Chile, I had to fan myself. Lol What do you think of the video?

Britney lets out her funny side in her new video, “I Wanna Go”. Directed by Chris Maars Piliero, Britney lets out her naughty side by seducing cops, whacking paps, and flashing innocent by standards. I love the, “Fuck you, fuck you, your cool, and fuck you” part. It’s always good to see her not taking herself seriously. Also love the Crossroads, and Thriller homages. What do you think about the video?



Britney Spears, "I Wanna Go" single cover courtesy of Jive Records


Britney is at it again fresh off the heels of her smash hit, “Till The World Ends” comes her sexy third single, “I Wanna Go”. This is one of my favorite songs from, “Femme Fatale”. The video debuts simultaneously on Wednesday, but here is a snippet of the hot new video. Directed by, Chris Marrs Piliero (Ke$ha Blow). I am loving the Throwback to her past with the Mickey Mouse shirt. Get into it


Jennifer Lopez, "On The Floor" Feat Pitbull Courtesy of Island Def Jam Music Group

Jennifer Lopez Strutted her way back onto the charts with her HOT Dance track, “On The Floor” feat Pitbull. The lead single from her long-awaited album, “Love?”, Lopez has made some very powerful moves with becoming the new judge on, “American Idol” and being the spokesperson for, “Venus Razors”.


Let us not forget, Lopez, has released many buzz singles from this as yet to be released album, “Love?” (Loubitons, Everyones Girl), and this has been the one that actually HIT!

Damn she is 41 and a mother of twins. That body is FLAWLESS. Her face is beat to the gods. Does she age? Lol. I think this song has the potential to be a massive hit, and with Idol on her side this album should fare very well.


Rihanna, "S&M", Single Cover Courtesy of Def Jam Records.



Rihanna has released the video for her third single, “S&M” from her current album, “Loud” and honey the video is Louder than a 400lb girl at Popeye’s wearing flourescent leggings.She is proving to y’all that she is a FREAK! lol. This girl has been TURNT THE HELL OUT. I am just glad that there were no sports of water in this video. She kept it cute.

So lets start with the negative first. Rihanna, honey girl, WHY MUST YOU PUT THAT NASTY BLOGGER IN YOUR VIDEO. I am not even going to give him the acknowledgement because it will go to his head. He will be talking shit about you in a few weeks.

I will say I was a little skeptic about the hair but it works for the video NOT FOR DAILY WEAR lol.

Now let’s get to the positive, I LOVE the fact that you incorporating the upbeat colors and also addressing the press rumors, “Freak”, “Secret cult’ ect. Now GaGa stans back up, I LOVE GaGa but just because someone is being edgy does NOT mean they are copying GaGa. Last time I checked Rihanna came out in 05, GaGa came out in 08. STOP IT!

Now one thing this video was missing was an 8 count. CAN SOMEONE TEACH THIS GIRL AN 8 COUNT PLEASE!

That is all.