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Nicki Minaj returns with her bipolar lace front rocking ways. I have been on the fence with miss Nicki. I wouldn’t say I am a barbie, but I am far from a hater. There are times when I am like YASSSS (Did it on em’, Romans, Revenge), then there are times when I am just like Gurl…(Grammy Performance, “Singing”) So let’s get into the stand out tracks.

The album kicks off with “Roman Holiday”, which is a battle in her head and after listening makes you think you need your meds as well. She delivers some good rhymes but the repetitiveness can be a bit much. “Come on a cone” makes me shout yassss especially when she sings, “Dick in your face”. She embodies the Rachetness that sparked my interest years ago. “Beez in the Trap” Gives me that nice slow wind beat. “Bitches aint shit and they aint say nothing”.

“Roman Reloaded”, FINALLY the track that makes me go off like a Bronx, girl at a basement party. “More knots than Eric, from BasketBall Wives”. Her flow is SICK on this track . “Right By My Side”, is definitely single worthy. Chris Brown, brings that extra kick that the track needs.

Then the album goes straight left field and becomes more dance pop. “Starships” at first I tossed it out as a ratchet version of, “Till the world ends/ California Girls”. It grew on me. “Pound The Alarm”, if you don’t want to move after hearing this slick infused, RedOne beat. My only complaint with, RedOne is that a lot of his work starts to sound similar. After a while things did start to mesh together.

“Stupid Hoe” is one of those tracks that if you’re not used to, Nicki’s antics then the track would annoy you. However, once you start popping your booty this track becomes a fav.

The dance portion of the album, is fun, however fans of the more raunchy, “Roman” Nicki will not like this side. She has gained mainstream appeal from her more poppy sounds.

I myself enjoyed most of the album, I’m not a Nicki fan. I will say its cute, I also said the same for, “Pink  Friday” and it grew on me. What do you think of the album?

3.5 out of 5 stars


Lady GaGa, "Born This Way" Cover Courtesy of , Interscope Records.

So after MANY weeks of Hype from various blogs, websites, and Stan wars, Lady Gaga, has released he long-awaited single, “Born This Way”. So I skidded my black ass down to YouTube to check it out. I had to let it simmer for a day to FULLY take it in. Now yes I am one of the FEW gays that can actually APPRECIATE, more than ONE POP ARTIST AT A TIME.

I love some good ol Britney, I love to get Rude with Rihanna, Throw Punches with Pink, and go Goo Goo for GAGA. I can like em all. Now onto the great Britney Vs. GaGa debate before I get into the review. Britney is like that friend from childhood that has seen you grow up knows all your tee and vice versa. You held her hair when she vomited and cuddled her when she cried and vice versa. GaGa, is that friend that you met while clubbing she gives you life and gives you fun. Both are good and none better than the other.


Lets get into this song the positives first.

The message though very cheeky is an amazing message, “Dont be a drag just be a queen, whether your broke or evergreen” “Rejoice and love yourself today cuz baby you were born this way”. With all the suicides happening across the country and many people having insecurities about themselves this is a perfect, “Take me as I am” anthem.

The Negatives.

The song has a very dated feel to it. As my friend Kris, said, “It sounds like a song played at the end of, “Queer as Folk”. I do see a group of Cookie Cutter, white, toned gays making out as the credits roll when I hear this song. This song also has a melody that is reminiscent of Madonna’s, “Express Yourself”

Here is why the song is going to take a second to grow on me. Lady GaGa has some very HAINTY ASS FANS! Britney Spears released the Album title and Cover art for her upcoming release, “Femme Fatale” and fans tweeted a storm so much that it was a TT during Superbowl.

Gaga’s “Monsters”, were not having it so besides of just tweeting, “Born This Way” to get the song in a higher position they banned together to spam, “Femme Fatale” to place it off the TT list all together. HAINTY. Also whenever an artist does anything that resembles weird strange or out there, the “Monsters” come with a lynch mob of “Shes copying GaGa”.

That is exactly why I wasnt as impressed with, “Born This Way” as I was with, “Bad Romance”. I still love GaGa but no shade she did not create the sun, earth, the moon, or “Express Yourself”. I don’t see Madonna fans tweeting, “everyone’s copying madge”. I don’t see Patti LaBelle Tweeting, “Chile these hoes including, Madge are copying me”. I don’t see Jesus C Christ Tweeting, “If you hoes don’t stop arguing Im snatching all of your wigs”!

With that said I give the song a B-, C+

 B- without the stan war bullshit, C+ with it.

Yes I said it, and I wrote it lol.  The song like a flaccid penis is a grower def not a shower. Will it show, I don’t know I will have to wait and see.

Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me" Single Cover Courtesy of Jive Records.


Britney Spears, jump started the new year with the release of her Highly anticipated single, “Hold It Against Me”. Spears, has been teasing us via Twitter with dates and single cover images.

Various blogs have attained demo versions of, “Hold It Against Me” sung by Bonnie McKee. The Demo already had me HONGRY like my name was, Clairese Precious Jones. Britney Tweeted, “Are y’all ready for 1/11/11” which is when the track was supposed to be released. Boy oh Boy the peeps at Jive got us GOOD.

Whilst getting ready to depart from a fab trip to San Francisco my Twitter was BURNING. I seen that, “Hold It Against Me” premiered in full. Bitch, I found a link and listened and was WIDE AWAKE without food or caffeine. I listened to the track continuously from SF to Sac. Dissecting the differences from the, “Demo” and the actual Track

The one thing that REALLY stuck out to me was the fact that they didn’t touch her voice too hard. This day and age EVERYONES voice is pitched and altered. Even the best of singers have a bit of studio polish. I loved  her natural Deep vocals over the dub step pulsations that had me wanting to dance on a train at 7am.

It gave me life due to the fact that I have been bored with music lately. Yes it is a dance track and yes everyone is doing dance music. However, Britney has this touch that she conveys when she does a song. She can do a more urban song like, “Boys”, “Slave”, and “Gimme More” and have her same “Britney-isms”. She can also do a standard Pop song like, “If U Seek Amy”, “Baby One More Time”, and “Overprotected” and carry that tone that you know its her.

When other artists experiment with a different sound or a sound that is current they often times get lost in the sea of the trend. “Hold It Against Me” does fit in with the current state of Popular music but is not a song that drifts in the sea of all the other songs.

I give this song a 5 out of 5

Yes I am a stan and Yes there are some Britney songs that I do not care for. “Mmm Papi”, for example is one of them. I am Happy to have her back and dammit my wig is snatched. Please excuse me while I reassemble it and attach it to my head.


ke$ha Courtesy of RCA/Jive Records


Ke$ha is like that barefoot drunk white girl who just wants to have fun at your local club. She is the one who isn’t there for drama, nor shade. She likes to get fucked up and stumble on the floor and my be shoeless by the end of the night.

She’s fun and yes she is NO Mariah, or Britney. She is fun, (Yes I am admitting I like Ke$ha). Something about her new single just gets me in a good mood. “We R Who We R”, represents those nights where I am just SO BANJEE and NOT CARING….That is until the next day when your friend tells you, “Girl…You were doing the MOST”!

I give the song 3.9 out of 5.

It does have that repeating stutter, and overplay of auto tune. The lyrics are not that stellar. However a couple of drinks in and you too will be fist pumping, and getting banjee to this song. Now don’t be that barefoot white girl at the Merc. Because you KNOW! LOL

So I FINALLY got my hands on Christina Aguilera’s new album, “Bionic”. I decided to do a track by track review of the album with a 5 point rating of all the songs (Minus the intros) and average them up into a grade. I thoroughly listened to this album 5 times to give a thorough opinion so stans you have been warned. Here is goes.

1. Bionic – The Synth beats on this track are cute. My gripe with this song is that her choice to step into uptempo dance ala (M.I.A. Santiagold, ect) Makes her voice come off as very minimal. 1 out of 5

2.Not Myself Tonight – The lead single for this album garnered mass controversy due to the fact that many people claimed she swagga jacked Lady Gaga. I will admit that there are similarites but the song has grown on me. I love the line, “if you don’t like it fuck you.” This song is really perfect for dancing on a go-go box in your undies. 3 out of 5

3.WooHoo feat Nikki Minaj. BANNNNJJJJEEEEE and I like it. Nikki Minaj is giving you that hood that you need. I love when Christina gets nasty. “Licky Licky yum yum all over my woo hoo.”, I love phrases for cootchies. That itself gets an extra point for me. 4 out of 5

4.Elastic Love –  My gripe with this song is that it comes off as if she is trying to catch up for lost time being in the 40s by dipping into trends of today. This song sounds like an MIA song. Wait she is on it. It doesn’t really do it for me. 2 out of 5. It has a cute shopping in a store beat but for Christina I need those VOCALS

5.Desnudate. Cute club banger beat. My only thing is it makes me think I am hearing a bi lingual version of Britney’s “Get Naked”. I do however see myself dancing on a hot papi on this track. 3 out of 5

6.Glam –  Damn Christina. I was fighting hard for you and the GaGa comparisons but this is like wearing blue in a red gang neighborhood. This song is just soooo GaGa the fame B side demo. I don’t like it. It does NOT fit you. It just doesn’t do it for me. I played it 5x while typing this I can’t. 1 out of 5

7. Prima Donna – Now this track is a club thumper and her VOICE is showing on this song. This is the direction that she should have went in with the debut single. I see a hot 8 count coming out of this. I also hear lil John in the  background. Waaat Yaaahhh Okaaay.  4 out of 5

8. Morning Dessert (Intro) Now THIS is the Christina that I love. Serving you that morning dessert with those falsetto vocals. She makes the morning wood want to go to work on this intro 5 out of 5

9. Sex For Breakfast –  Christina said in interviews that she likes to have naked Sundays with her husband. I can tell this song was probably contrived on a sunday. Christina is returning to the “Stripped”, “Loving me for me” vibe with this song. This is the direction she needs to be in. That voice, the erotic sexiness oozing in this song. FAVORITE TRACK ON THE ALBUM 5 out of 5.

10. Lift Me Up – Linda Perry, has always been a dynamic force when combined with Christina’s vocals. This song debuted earlier this year to raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. So when you see me crashing and there is no where left to fall will you lift me even higher to rise above this all. Some really heart warming lyrics. I smell a Grammy coming for this track. So much emotion and heart put into it. IT MUST BE A SINGLE 5 out of 5

11. My Heart intro Awwwwwwwwwww just this snippet of Christina’s son saying MaMa is so cute.

12.All I Need – Dedicated to Max, Christina’s son, is a heartwarming track that Sia co wrote. I love Sia’s musical influence and Christina translated it well in this ode to her child. 4 out of 5

13. I Am – I am opening up to you. Love me or leave me take me or lead me. I love the vulnerability that Christina showcases in this song. Begging a lover to take her just the way that she is. Something that we all fight for in love. 4 out of 5

14. You Lost Me. – The BEST VOCALS on this album. Sia captures a raw emotion in Christina’s voice. ‘We lost it all, the love has gone, she has won, now its no fun”. Singing about love lost makes you want to curl up into fetal position and pull the blinds and cry. Feel like the worlds been infected, and some how you left me neglected. Christina you are hitting home with this track 5 out of 5.

15. I Hate Boys – I can relate to this song, however I could do without it. It just doesn’t suit it for me. It is kind of like a filler. 2 out of 5

16. My Girls (Feat Peaches) I just don’t like this song. It makes me feel as though she is subduing her voice to sound hip. I’m not feeling it. This song is like a filler. 2 out of 5

17 Vanity – “I’m not cocky I just love myself BITCH.”, Yaasssss I knew the first 3 seconds of hearing this track that it would wake me up from the nap I was taking with the last two fillers. Everyday I see myself I love me even more. V is for vanity every time I look at me I turn myself on, GET INTO IT. I can soo see the kids going IN for this track. I live for it. 5 out of 5 Please make a video

All in all the album is not memorable. Based on my grading system the album received a 68%. I will be nice and curve it with a C. I will say this she better turn it out some videos and release PROPER singles.

songs that need to be singles.

Vanity, You Lost Me, Lift Me Up, Prima Donna, and Sex for Breakfast. release these simultaneously and force feed it down the Publics mouth and there may be hope. The out look is a little brim due to the fact that they post poned her up coming tour. I’m not being shady Christina has a major voice. My gripe is it seems like she is compromising it to create club bangers and in her case it isn’t working. USE THAT VOICE YOU HAVE.