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My New DIet

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I know you are thinking this is a easy tip as to how you can get a booty like mine but it isn’t about food. It is about your mind, and heart. So as for many of those who know me well know that my love life, or lack there of is kinda blah. So I decided to go on a diet, a date diet.

For the next two months I am restricting myself from attempting to date, and or get to know guys. I know this sounds crazy but in all honesty that focus and energy needs to be put into myself. Every week I am going to do something by myself (or with friends) that I REALLY want to do. Weather it is, Shopping, going to a movie, taking a dance class, or just going on a little adventure.

I see it as this, if I can’t enjoy my time by myself how is someone going to enjoy their time with me. All that Grindr, A4A, and etc isn’t good for ones, mind, and or social skills. It is OK to mingle and talk to new people, just don’t jump on this, “Oh he fine lemme holla at him” bandwagon.

A friend said, “What about when you need to fulfill your lust-full needs”? I said, “That is what the Internet is for, watch a movie, spill some kids and you good”. The whole point is to focus on YOU. so here is to day 4.


So I have noticed something about the new age of dating. Escaping the inevitable online social dating sites is like asking Ke$ha to do an MTV Unplugged. It isn’t going to happen. Dating is a word that now has so many sub meanings. In the pre internet days (1999 LOL) Dating was meeting someone at a restraunt talking getting to know them and working your way from there. Keeping it cute on the first date. The highlight of the second date is to get that kiss and move from there.

Now with everything moving so fast pace with the internet (GRINDR, A4A ECT) It feels as though its like an audition process. Like you must pull out all the Stunts and Shows before the appolo man snatches you off stage. So I did a little experiment on those sites.

Yes I know you cannot find Husband material on the Internet but I just decided to see what happened.

I posted a normal picture. Clothing on giving you Meadowview bound train realness, Sent out a couple of heys, NOTHING. So the next day I changed the picture to something a bit more, ahem “Alluring”.

Bam, “Hey, Hey man how are you whats going on” Mind you these are all men that I have seen in the gym, club, school, and or at work. I look them dead in the eye and say, “Have a good day” when they come into my workplace.

I just laugh because its apparent that I have to put on stunts and shows to garner a mans attention. I don’t like feeling like I have to compete for someones attention. This is not a reality show.

I do find myself doing it from time to time either to A. See what happens, or B. boost this little ego of mine for 2.5 seconds. The question is this, What happens when they finally respond? Are they worthy suitors because you met them online?

I know I sound like I am over thinking this but in this day and age people are so damn pussyfied to start things off with a regular public conversation that we all resort to this shit. Why? lol I know I am rambling on and on. I can’t sleep. I’m going to put on some Miss Baker and close my eyes.