Toni Braxton serves sexy in her Billy Woodruff directed clip, "I Heart U"


Toni Braxton is BACK with her HOT HOT single, “I Heart You” from her upcoming album, “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes”. I know I have been a bit meh on the dance trend because EVERYONE is doing it. However Miss Toni shines on it because she is not compromising her amazing voice to let the beat carry her. She OWNS the song with her sexy vocals. Plus the male co-star in the video is FINE! Shorty what yo name is? YES GAWD! lol


Jordin Sparks, and Whitney Houston on the, "Sparkle" set.


I am really EXCITED to see the remake of, “Sparkle” coming to theatres this summer. It does sadden me that this will be the last film that, Whitney Houston will be in. Just seeing her charm and her wit in this trailer alone is giving me life. Miss you so much Nippy.

I just don’t get it…..

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So I have been in deep thought these past few weeks. What the hell did I do wrong? The reason why I ask myself this is because every single guy that I have ever encountered in my dating life has disappeared. Not even going to lie to you and say, I don’t care, I do.

Was it me being too nice, too gay, not gay enough? Did I come off too strong, not strong enough? I literally have been beating myself up about this for quite sometime. Here is the thing I don’t understand. How the fuck do these Jobless, Careless, Ruthless, guys just have dudes flocking to them?

I thought to myself, “Is it the no driving thing that is why I am single?” No I see MANY people who don’t drive have guys fighting to get with them. I live on my own, I am self sufficient. I don’t rely on someone to get by. I know what your thinking, “Your Over thinking it”. It does however, take a toll on my mind when I tell a guy a simple compliment as, “Your cute” and he is GONE! I know I am not a ten but shit I took a shower. LOL

I just don’t get it. It just seems so easy for other guys. Hell I deleted the hoodrat apps, decided to switch up the approach to it but me just speaking or giving compliments or going in that direction make them disappear. I know I sound so juvenile right now but this is something that has been bothering my mind for a while.

Britney Spears, "Criminal" single cover courtesy of Jive Records


Britney Spears has just slayed my LIFE! I was not feeling, “Criminal” at first but the video made me fall in love with the song.

Directed by Chris Maars Piliero, (I Wanna Go, Blow) “Criminal” was shot on the streets of, London early September. Britney, caused controversy for being filmed on the streets with a gun after the recent London riots. In my opinion I think they were being a tad bit sensitive. The weapon weilding was worth it. The story line of a good girl falling in love with a bad boy, (Her real life Beau, Jason Twarwick) and going on a criminal spree suits the song well.

Can we discuss how sexy they look together. Britney, I am going to steal your man. HE IS FINE! Chile, I had to fan myself. Lol What do you think of the video?

Roller coaster of nerves.

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I really need to take this mantra to heart. These past few days have been extremely trying. Outrageous ticket fines (I’m a criminal y’all), Dumb ass boys, and bombing a test. I know in retrospect it could be a LOT worse but über frustrating. So like many people, I talk about my frustrations online just kinda like a poo it out and keep pushing kind of thing. I usually just do it, release it and proceed.

One thing I will say is I have many supportive friends. I have friends who don’t baby the situation, tell me to get up and keep it pushing. I do also, however, have some “Friends”. I say, “Friends” for a reason.

Something about social media that just urks the fuck out of me is subliminal messages. Those, “you’re so vain you think this post is about you don’t you” posts. I know I am venting, I get it. However my venting is MUCH less than when people go on NFL, or Apple tirades and rants. Hell I even close my mouth a lot more lately, I think that’s what drove me to almost hitting a loser last week. (We will not talk about that online cuz my momma taught me better than that)

It is just annoying that the people who smile in your face, at times are worse than the ones who do you wrong. Laughing about my misfortunes, or subliminally talking about me when in fact you’re not perfect yourself is really low, and fucked up. I am just going to take a little lighter approach to online communication. It is so easy to fail to realize it is so easy to just log out and focus.


So  know I havent updated my blog in QUITE sometime. I have written MANY pieces then kept them as drafts because I didn’t want to come off whiney or too personal. then I said man fuck it. Its MY HOME MY LAND (Said in my Whitney Houston voice)

So Summer has come and went, I had quite an eventful summer. I saw Britney, Patti, and Kylie. Had awesome moments from every concert.

Britney really kicked off my Summer. Sacramento was the first stop on her, “Femme Fatale Tour”. Such an amazing tour and a MAJOR upgrade from the, “Circus” tour.

Nicki Minaj opening for Britney.

Nicki Minaj, opened for Britney. She was something else.

Such an EPIC show. I LOST MY MIND when Britney came on stage. For those who know me you know I have been a hard, Britney fan for years.

I also had the opportunity to see the LEGENDARY Patti Labelle. I was turned onto Patti Labelle by the Infamous, Patti Lahelle Youtube videos.

The shade, The SHADE, THE SHADE! My friends and I quote this video DAILY. The sass and attitude that Lahelle, infuses in Patti made me start to like the real Patti Labelle.

Not only did Patti WOW me with her vocals, She sang my song, OVER THE RAINBOW! There was a segment where she brought fans on stage, on fan stole the show. Sweet Honey brought her, “Wet Seal”, spanx showin self on stage, and SHOWED HER ASS! Now Miss Patti, did NOT let her get too off the hook. She went Gangsta on her ass, and that made me fall in love with her even more.


I turned 26 this year. For a minute I went into a, “Oh My god I am getting old where is my life going” depression. I got over it. I realized I have come a LONG way from when I was 18. I also made some new fabulous friends and also had the opportunity to see, Wendy Williams.

This summer my good friend Sharnie got married, and my good friend Jamilah was having a girl. So many things so many good times

Here is to some more good times.

Is it really the answer to everything?

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Something you must have in order to survive, “A Man”. Sandra seems to say the thing that has been on my mind for a while. Yes I know, I know, another post about men. So lately I have been wondering, ” What the fuck am I doing wrong?”

The past few weeks I have seen everyone from friends, former crushes, and flames get into a relationship. I just sat back with my head tilted wondering, “Damn am I going to be the black gay Jennifer Aniston.”? you know single attractive but just can’t keep a man. Friends always.

Then the evil bitch pops out. I start seeing those acquaintances I know aren’t worth a damn just popping in and out relationships faster than Rihanna spews out albums. I know I sound evil and bitter as all hell. Honestly I kind of think this is a blessing in disguise. It’s just something that pops up when I am not busy. I will say though school has kept me really busy. I counted the hours that I am really home and it is really just to sleep. Maybe god is trying to keep me focused. Or maybe I am going to be Jennifer Aniston. lol.