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My New DIet

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I know you are thinking this is a easy tip as to how you can get a booty like mine but it isn’t about food. It is about your mind, and heart. So as for many of those who know me well know that my love life, or lack there of is kinda blah. So I decided to go on a diet, a date diet.

For the next two months I am restricting myself from attempting to date, and or get to know guys. I know this sounds crazy but in all honesty that focus and energy needs to be put into myself. Every week I am going to do something by myself (or with friends) that I REALLY want to do. Weather it is, Shopping, going to a movie, taking a dance class, or just going on a little adventure.

I see it as this, if I can’t enjoy my time by myself how is someone going to enjoy their time with me. All that Grindr, A4A, and etc isn’t good for ones, mind, and or social skills. It is OK to mingle and talk to new people, just don’t jump on this, “Oh he fine lemme holla at him” bandwagon.

A friend said, “What about when you need to fulfill your lust-full needs”? I said, “That is what the Internet is for, watch a movie, spill some kids and you good”. The whole point is to focus on YOU. so here is to day 4.


The Hey Girl Hey Box

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was hesitant to post this blog because it is personal but to hell with it it is a part of my world. I am a very nice person. I always try to embrace people, and be friendly. I find myself in a situation MANY times when it comes to wanting to go into the next step with a guy. That same friendly, visage that I give off places me in a box. The “Hey Girl Hey” box. 

Now before I get pegged of being a bitter bitch because I did’nt get what I wanted there is NOTHING wrong with being friends. I t is much better than the extremely immature “Ew you said you liked me I am disgusted go away” mode many choose to go for. 

It does get a bit hazy in my head when I always get placed in the, “Hey Girl Hey” box. Definition of the, “Hey Girl Hey” box:

When you are feeling someone, and want to be more than friends. You try to feel them out, and not be too forward. No one likes a try hard. So you hang out weather with friends, or alone. You don’t go the Grindr route and do the “Play a movie and whip your dick out after the third scene” game. You genuinely like this person. Then it happens! You text them and they say, “Hey Girl”. Now I am not going to lie I have a LOT of Feminine qualities. I am HELLA GAY! However I am not dumb. When a cute guy says “Hey girl”, or “Hey Buddy” they know the tee. That is a nice way of saying “Hey I am not interested, however lets just be friends.

I am not going to get in an emo puddle of fake blood and shout like, Gaga “I don’t wanna be FREEEIIIIIINNNDDDDDDSSSS”. I am actually happy they did’nt pull the disapearing act like many people do. However, it makes me wonder. Why cant anyone see me past that. Not to toot my own horn, but I am not a bad looking guy. I laugh a lot, love music, movies, and video games. Yes I am not “Joe Millionaire” but I can take care of myself. I see many guys who are unemployed and live at home have guys FIGHT over them. I just don’t get it. 

It is just something that has been on my mind and I just wonder if anyone else has been in that situation. Yes I feel like I just told you all way TOO MUCH information so consider yourself lucky. LOL jk 

 The Scissor Sisters, return with their new single, “Only The Horses” Produced by Calvin Harris, (Rihanna, “We Found Love”). Before listening to it I was going to dismiss it as saying, “Oh here goes another band jumping on the craze” but then I heard it. They combination of my future baby daddy, Jake Sheers vocals with that fun, crisp, summer feel good vibe of the Calvin Harris beat brought me into Summer.

Get Into It!

Azealia Banks, being as Rachet as she can be.

I know I am late but thanks to my FAB, friend, and blogger, Stephen Autar I now know of Miss Banks. She just serves me Ballroom vougeing beats. Cunt realness, with a touch of Rachet that I LIVE FOR! Mainstream pop music has been making my bored but baby I got a bowl of my favorite ceral, LIFE.

Banks, who is a Brooklyn native, has been around since 2009. Influenced by, Aaliyah, Tlc, and MIA, Banks, serves up a fresh air of non redundancy. She is also featured on, The Scissor Sister’s single, “Shady Love”.

Here is the video for 212 Ft. Lazy Jay

Get Into Her!


Jennifer Lopez, rolling in the glittery sand on the "Dance Again" video.

Jenny and Pitbul, are at it again. This time it’s for her new single, “Dance Again” (from her untitled Greatest Hits collection). I will admit I still am not a huge fan of this song. It doesn’t have that POW factor that, “On The Floor” had. It sounds like everything out there. This is the case where a HOT video is needed to carry the song.

Damn she is a mother of two, in her forties. Jenny, you better WORK that body OUT! I will say this however, Girl did you NOT learn from your past. STOP PUTTING YOUR CURRENT LOVER IN YOUR VIDEO! Casper, is sexy but still. That is my only gripe with the song. Does the video make you like the song better?

Nicki Minaj returns with her bipolar lace front rocking ways. I have been on the fence with miss Nicki. I wouldn’t say I am a barbie, but I am far from a hater. There are times when I am like YASSSS (Did it on em’, Romans, Revenge), then there are times when I am just like Gurl…(Grammy Performance, “Singing”) So let’s get into the stand out tracks.

The album kicks off with “Roman Holiday”, which is a battle in her head and after listening makes you think you need your meds as well. She delivers some good rhymes but the repetitiveness can be a bit much. “Come on a cone” makes me shout yassss especially when she sings, “Dick in your face”. She embodies the Rachetness that sparked my interest years ago. “Beez in the Trap” Gives me that nice slow wind beat. “Bitches aint shit and they aint say nothing”.

“Roman Reloaded”, FINALLY the track that makes me go off like a Bronx, girl at a basement party. “More knots than Eric, from BasketBall Wives”. Her flow is SICK on this track . “Right By My Side”, is definitely single worthy. Chris Brown, brings that extra kick that the track needs.

Then the album goes straight left field and becomes more dance pop. “Starships” at first I tossed it out as a ratchet version of, “Till the world ends/ California Girls”. It grew on me. “Pound The Alarm”, if you don’t want to move after hearing this slick infused, RedOne beat. My only complaint with, RedOne is that a lot of his work starts to sound similar. After a while things did start to mesh together.

“Stupid Hoe” is one of those tracks that if you’re not used to, Nicki’s antics then the track would annoy you. However, once you start popping your booty this track becomes a fav.

The dance portion of the album, is fun, however fans of the more raunchy, “Roman” Nicki will not like this side. She has gained mainstream appeal from her more poppy sounds.

I myself enjoyed most of the album, I’m not a Nicki fan. I will say its cute, I also said the same for, “Pink  Friday” and it grew on me. What do you think of the album?

3.5 out of 5 stars

Now I LOVE me some Mary J Blige, but gurl. I am cackling at this commercial. Cant hate on her hustle but she is singing the SHIT out of the ingredients. I AM DEAD! Flowa To Tee AH lmao make that money Mary.