The Hey Girl Hey Box

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was hesitant to post this blog because it is personal but to hell with it it is a part of my world. I am a very nice person. I always try to embrace people, and be friendly. I find myself in a situation MANY times when it comes to wanting to go into the next step with a guy. That same friendly, visage that I give off places me in a box. The “Hey Girl Hey” box. 

Now before I get pegged of being a bitter bitch because I did’nt get what I wanted there is NOTHING wrong with being friends. I t is much better than the extremely immature “Ew you said you liked me I am disgusted go away” mode many choose to go for. 

It does get a bit hazy in my head when I always get placed in the, “Hey Girl Hey” box. Definition of the, “Hey Girl Hey” box:

When you are feeling someone, and want to be more than friends. You try to feel them out, and not be too forward. No one likes a try hard. So you hang out weather with friends, or alone. You don’t go the Grindr route and do the “Play a movie and whip your dick out after the third scene” game. You genuinely like this person. Then it happens! You text them and they say, “Hey Girl”. Now I am not going to lie I have a LOT of Feminine qualities. I am HELLA GAY! However I am not dumb. When a cute guy says “Hey girl”, or “Hey Buddy” they know the tee. That is a nice way of saying “Hey I am not interested, however lets just be friends.

I am not going to get in an emo puddle of fake blood and shout like, Gaga “I don’t wanna be FREEEIIIIIINNNDDDDDDSSSS”. I am actually happy they did’nt pull the disapearing act like many people do. However, it makes me wonder. Why cant anyone see me past that. Not to toot my own horn, but I am not a bad looking guy. I laugh a lot, love music, movies, and video games. Yes I am not “Joe Millionaire” but I can take care of myself. I see many guys who are unemployed and live at home have guys FIGHT over them. I just don’t get it. 

It is just something that has been on my mind and I just wonder if anyone else has been in that situation. Yes I feel like I just told you all way TOO MUCH information so consider yourself lucky. LOL jk 

  1. d1esel6 says:

    it’s funny because I think I’ve been on both sides of this issue!
    I’m finding that the gay community is just frustrating all around (and especially for us gay blacks) it’s almost like we are at the bottom of the “desirable” pole and we just have to settle for what we can get (the scraps)
    but fuck that right? I mean I don’t think I could ever settle … but time will tell.
    but just know that you are not the only one confused and frustrated and growing bitter about having a place in the gay community.

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